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Japanese Expression through Technological Innovation
AICA Chemitect laminate is designed to provide advanced protection against damaging chemicals in harsh environments. Economical, durable, stylish and easy to maintain, this innovative product is ideal for horizontal and vertical applications. The Surface features improved chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, corrosive salts, and other destructive or staining substances. This product is best suited for horizontal surfaces such as counters, laboratory benches and tabletops having exposure to chemicals. Also ideal for vertical surfaces like cabinets, casework fronts, wall splash back panels or screens etc.
Highly Chemical – Resistant Decorative Panels
Can be used on laboratory countertops in schools, Institution, Hospitals, and Research Facilities, as well as on Science Classroom Fixtures.
Manufactured using the unique technology, AICA Chemitect is the perfect choice for Institutional usage like Nurses Station, Beauty Salons, Product Testing Facilities, Educational laboratories etc..

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