With the spreading awareness of interior decor for offices and homes,SUNMICA INSULATOR PANELS are foud ideal for concealed and panelled wiring that's flush with the wall. The back of this panel is in glossy finish.

SUNMICA INSULATOR PANELS are industrial laminates composed of Kraft paper that is impregnated with a specially developed phenolic resin. These are consolidated with melamine overlays on either side for appealing aesthetics,abrasion and anti-tracking properties ata a pressure of around 1600 PSI and 140 C. SUNMICA INSULATOR PANELS are supplied in sheet form in a standard size of 1220 mm X 1220 mm with a thickness of 3 mm. These come in a range of shades in glossy melamine finish to enhance insulation properties and teh aesthetics of the board. 

Product Features
  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wear Resistant- better Abrasion for long life
  • Good machinability
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Cost Effective


Our decorative laminates are designed to suit a variety of applications like wall panelling, column claddings, wardrobes, shelves, home & office furniture, doors, cubicles and other areas. The wide range of our laminates provides aesthetic appeals and finish to interior surfaces and make them more contemporary in tune to the new emerging trends.

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