How to choose the right laminate for your

How to choose the right laminate for your

 ‘Home is where your story begins…’

The above quote holds true in every regard, when it is about creating that perfect living space that you can call ‘home’. Every home project begins with a story, and that story engulfs your aspirations, emotions, and happiness of your family members as well as things that can put a smile everyone who is a part of that beautiful dream. There is a lot of effort needed to create such a dwelling, as a perfect home maker does not leave even a single stone unturned in exploring myriad ways of designing their home. Whether it is about renovating an existing project or initiating a new one, home doers like to take the best advice possible, so that it fits both their pocket and style.

Gone are the days when the types of materials available for home redesign were quite limited, especially with regards to ‘surface styling’. As a solution to performance promising surface decor, laminates have gained a lot of popularity, over all these years. Thanks to their functionality and visual attraction, that suits the palette of so many renovation experts, architects and interior designers. However, in order to choose the right laminate for your home décor, it is very important to really understand the universe of decorative laminates, and what they are in actuality.

What are decorative laminates?

Decorative laminates are protective decor products primarily used as furniture surface materials or wall paneling.  They are artificially produced material from paper and resins. Laminates are popularly known as Sunmica, which is now a household name for laminates. Such decorative laminates are fixed on substrate, mainly plywood to get attractive surfaces that have multiple uses these days. They can be manufactured as either high- or low-pressure laminate, with the two processes not much different from each other except for the pressure applied in the pressing process. Not just wall paneling, the decorative sheets are used to add stylish finishes to furniture items, cabinets, counters, worktops and other installations.

Going about choosing the right laminates for your home

Surface styling is not about installing externally beautiful sheeny laminates, but also making sure that they promise performance and durability. It is therefore necessary that below things are kept in mind, to achieve perfect surface design goals for living spaces.

·         Choose reliable branded manufacturers who offer fine quality and original laminates

Laminates should have industry relevant certifications, eco friendly and also chemical free. AICA SUNMICA is one of the leading manufacturers of superior Japanese technology enabled ORIGINAL SUNMICA laminates. Their laminates have a Green Label Certification from Singapore Environment Council, ISO 9001:2008 (Bureau Veritas Certification), ISO 2046:1995 (Bureau of Indian Standards), ISO 14001:2004(Bureau Veritas Certification) and a certification from Green Member Council.

·         Keep in mind the big picture

The overall décor of your home must be kept in mind while choosing the right laminates for homes. You should also be open to experimentation with various colors and textures. If you have decided bright laminate colors for one space, then it is absolutely fine to tone down the other. It is the combination that works.

·         Gather a patchwork of the colours chosen

A patchwork of materials of your best picks will help you imagine yourself in your planned living space décor. Remember to take into account the curtains and upholstery in order to create complimenting looks. Having a couple of photos of your room will help you think about the laminate ensemble. That way you can visualize how the colours and tones will look in the space.

·         Identify where the best natural lighting is coming from and choose laminate color/texture accordingly

You must figure out where the best natural lighting in your room is - from doors or windows - in order to plan where to put additional artificial lighting. Laminates look impeccably eye catchy if lit properly. However, for spaces where there is abundant natural light, you can go for ultra glossy laminates that will look lustrous and shiny. For dull hues such as grey or green undertones, LED lighting is a great option.

·         Space Specific décor & performance

For example, for kitchen countertops, you should look for laminates that are scratch-resistant. Also, anti-bacterial laminates are considered ideal for kitchens. It is because these are activity oriented living spaces, where both hygiene and comfort are required. As part of its newest offering, AICA has innovated backer liner grade low maintenance laminates that are best suited for cabinet décor. They are resistant to any strains or scratches.

·         The touch of ORIGINAL SUNMICA FROM AICA

Sunmica is one of the most trusted and preeminent brands in the Indian Laminate Industry and has the most noteworthy brand review amongst Indian clients. Post it was procured by Japanese organization in the year 2011, SUNMICA has been innovated with superior Japanese technology without losing its original essence of the 60’s. Easier to maintain and naturally friendly, it is less demanding and offers protection to almost everything.


Make your style your own

AICA’s Virtual Room Planner

Whatever advice you follow, whether it is yours or some interior design professional, you must consider making your style your own. It’s through experimenting and relooking things that you’ll be able to create living spaces reflecting your persona. Laminate décor brands also offer many visual resources ??that can help you create your own laminate decor before you even start doing in actual. Just take a look around and get inspiration! To begin with your first project visit

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