Things to know about the brand ‘SUNMICA’

Things to know about the brand ‘SUNMICA’

History of ‘SUNMICA’

The story of ‘SUNMICA’ business in India dates back to the year 1963-1964, when it existed as a joint venture between Formica International Limited and Bombay Burmah trading company. In the year 1998, the company introduced a new brand of laminates called ‘SUNMICA’- a blend of decorative, brown, and translucent paper with plastic resins. The laminate sheets of ‘SUNMICA’ brand were of 1mm thickness, whereas the Formica brand had laminates of 1.5 mm and higher thickness. Owing to its great durability and acceptance in Indian households as well as commercial usage, the brand ‘SUNMICA’ became extremely popular and also synonymous with laminates.



In the year 2011, BBTL sold its ‘SUNMICA’ division to AICA Laminates India Pvt. Ltd which was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese AICA Kogyo Company Ltd. ‘SUNMICA’ by AICA Group is the only ‘ORIGINAL SUNMICA’ and is available in several designs, patterns and colour shades. ‘SUNMICA’ is a flagship brand in India with a proven track record of quality, durability and reliability over the years.


3-5.jpg ‘SUNMICA’ and ‘Laminates’ are two different things?

Well Yes. However, for most Indians the words ‘SUNMICA’ and ‘Laminates’ have become synonymous with each other. It becomes apparent from the fact that when customers in India check into any retail plywood and laminates showroom they demand ‘SUNMICA’ catalogues or ‘SUNMICA’ shades instead of asking for a full range of laminate brands. Customers do not have any distinction in their minds, when it comes to ‘laminates’ and ‘SUNMICA’. Over all these years, ‘SUNMICA’ has grown to be a generic brand, which is also a favorite of all. People recognize laminates through ‘SUNMICA’ and not otherwise.


Why ‘SUNMICA’ AICA is a perfect laminate solution for your living spaces?

Ø  ‘SUNMICA’ by AICA are strong, extremely durable and are the only ‘ORIGINAL ‘SUNMICA’ available in the market

Ø  They come in a wide range of beautiful colours, exotic designs and are loaded with unique performance features

Ø  Unbeatable Japanese technology ensures that the supreme quality is maintained

Ø  ‘SUNMICA’ laminates have a great aesthetic value

Ø  They are ideal for surface styling in modern times owing to their old charm


The Goodness of Laminate Décor

Laminates are wear-resistant, durable and easier to clean than traditional wood. They are also easier to maintain, as the protective layer is resistant to almost everything. They also use less wood and offer limitless choices for surface styling. Loaded with performance features, they look neat, polished and suave. A sound knowledge of laminates in general, goes a long way in fine tuning the living space and setting the ambience just right. ‘SUNMICA’ laminates fit any surface with ease. Thanks to numerous innovative design patterns that add life to the environment.

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