Top Trends in Aica Laminates

Top Trends in Aica Laminates

In CL we always study the latest trends in laminates & provide the same to our consumers in our product offering. We strive to give the very best to our consumers always!Given below are the latest trends in Indian Markets –

 CEMENT laminates: As the name suggest, these laminate design papers gives a rich effect of cement wash at a very affordable price. These are ideal for Wall panelling. The consumers prefer these laminates because of the hassle-free application & maintenance

 MARBLE laminates : The Marble laminates replicate the highly expensive marbles and give an elegant finish to the interiors without the hassle of maintaining it and at a much lesser price. These are used for Bathroom finishing, Wall paneling, Kitchens or any other interior of your choice.

 ABSTRACT Designed laminates : These abstract designed laminates are the latest designs widely used across the world which gives the retro feel to interiors. This range gives interiors a bright and fresh feel and one feels rejuvenated at the sight of these beautiful designs! These designs are clutter-breaking & are indeed replacing the wood feeling mind-set of few consumers TEXTILE laminates : The textile laminates give a feel of textile being woven around interiors to make it look classy and at the same time comfortable. These types of laminates are gaining mileage in bedroom panelling, office spaces especially, or any interior of for that matter.

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