Transform Kitchen Spaces with Original Sunmica

Transform Kitchen Spaces with Original Sunmica

Home décor is one job which is quite dynamic, exciting, interesting but never ending.  Be it choosing the right laminate for your kitchen cabinets, counters, shelves, bedroom décor, living room aesthetics; there is always just so much to do around the house. One would not cease to agree that kitchen is one such space where both aesthetics and hygiene have to go hand in hand. What good will an awesome looking surface décor do, if it does not promise any performance? Not just for the home maker, kitchen spaces are very crucial for all members of the family. Therefore, as a responsible home maker who is willing to go an extra mile to transform their kitchen, you must explore design options that are durable as well as have a strong aesthetic value.

In terms of design, kitchen is as important as any other space in the house and because of this reason laminate décor in Indian kitchens have started to find a place in the setups.

Let’s dive into the world of kitchen décor and figure out what can suit best in terms of both looks and trends for your lovely kitchen.

shutterstock_249022960.jpgKitchen Cabinet Décor

The most commonly accessed places are ‘kitchen cabinets’ and these are dominant too, as they occupy large spaces in any kitchen. Modern laminate décor for cabinets now includes installation of low maintenance liner grade decorative laminates that can add a new dimension to a designer’s craftsmanship. These have excellent stain and wear resistance and are easy to install. Laminates in ‘Matt Finish’ look subtle and fluid.


Kitchen Island.jpgLaminates for Kitchen Island Counters

Food can taste great, if placed on a counter that is neat, suave and has exclusivity attached to it. Modern interior design concepts encourage home makers to have a separate kitchen island which is basically a separate slab made specifically for cooking or eating. Islands therefore have eating counter tops where food can be served while hot and that makes the whole dining experience quite delightful. Using authentic Sunmica decorative laminates on counter tops enhance their beauty and make them last longer.


Kitchen-Lighting-Trends.jpgLight Up the Surfaces

Home makers often struggle with the amount of light that comes into the kitchen. No, it is not about natural light, as that is generally available in abundance in a country like India. It is about usage of LED at the right places. Laminates look extremely beautiful with the correct amount of lighting. Thanks to their sleek look, that makes these wood species so indispensable for the kitchen spaces. Needless to say, proper lighting ensures that your cooking is totally free from any mess.

Glossy all the way

It is alright if you don’t have a thing for matt finishes. You would have had too much of white, off white and cream, till now. 2017’s most in look are these superior Japanese technology enabled ‘Ultra Gloss’ original SUNMICA laminates. These can surely make your kitchen one big head turner in the whole house. These glossy laminate sheets are available in both solid and natural looks that can give a distinct personality to your kitchen.

                    Ultra Gloss Max  

                       Ultra Gloss Max Naturals

Modern Manufacturing of Laminates

Present technology has become excellent, when it is about making ORIGINAL SUNMICA laminates accessible and affordable for the common man. AICA SUNMICA has bought superior Japanese technology and aesthetics to the forefront, harmonizing real creativity in both Indian and Japanese cultures. India’s most cherished SUNMICA laminates have now been translated into a variety of designs and textures, by AICA and due to this reason laminate décor trend has once again grown in popularity. So, now when you are out to shop a new look for your kitchen, make ORIGINAL SUNMICA laminates an integral part of the whole design. Give your kitchen a new look and a new life.

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