More than Just Aesthetics!

More than Just Aesthetics!

The decorative laminates market has seen a significant increase in usage of laminates for home and office interiors. The variety in designs and textures makes laminates a highly fashionable choice in the building products industry.

Also, there are other benefits of using laminates as well. Apart from the wide range of designs and colors, which give SUNMICA laminates a mass appeal because of aesthetics, here are 4 other reasons for you to buy SUNMICA laminates from AICA:

1. Best in Quality
AICA’s R&D centre strives for continuous up gradation of processes in lines with the Japanese Kaizen & 5s principles. As a result, all their products are robust and adhere to the most stringent international quality standards.

2. Latest in Technology
Aica’s Superior Japanese Technology not only renders the products stylish and contemporary, but are also far more everlasting in comparison to many other laminates available in the market.

3. Durability
SUNMICA laminates provide better resistance to wear and tear and hence more durable. Special products like Celsus, Sunmica Fire Retardant Laminates and Ultra Shield Exterior High Pressure Laminates are manufactured to provide resistance to wear and abrasion over longer periods of time.

4. Low Maintenance
SUNMICA laminates can easily be cleaned and are low maintenance products. Which with easy care, can continue to be durable and appear as beautiful as ever.

The endurance and durability of AICA’s high pressure laminates makes it not only a fashionable choice, but also a more functional one, making them ideal for use in homes, Offices, Showroom, Hospitals, and Hotels etc.

With this information on the versatility of laminates, we hope you will not use laminates merely for countertops and cabinets, but also explore other creative and unconventional uses for decorative laminates.

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