AICA Decorative Laminates – The Most Reliable Brand

AICA Decorative Laminates – The Most Reliable Brand

Laminates are not just used for kitchen countertops anymore. They have established their identity of being an extremely versatile and usable material and are extensively being used in corporate offices, retail stores, hospitals, educational institutes, addition to residential spaces. The laminates market is inundated with a number of manufacturers, all claiming to provide the ‘best’ and most ‘dependable’ laminates solution. As architects, designers and home owners, how do you identify the genuinely best brand?

While most manufacturers of decorative laminates are keeping prevalent trends in mind and introducing laminates with vibrant colors, textures and patterns to the market, companies like AICA, truly understand the needs of customers and offer a range of products and services that create additional appeal for their laminates. Here are a few characteristics that set AICA laminates apart from their competitors:

The Japanese quality of AICA laminates has been well appreciated and accepted by customers and designers. AICA is the first Japanese laminate manufacturing company in India that combines Japanese technology and world-renowned quality processes to fulfil commitment and to offer excellence in customer service and satisfaction. AICA’s KAIYA Range with its subtle elegance and rustic charm, is available in exclusive colors, patterns and textures. These High Pressure Decorative Laminates are of high quality and creatively designed to cater to all kinds of interior needs—like wall panels to wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, table tops and more.

AICA has been constantly researching and developing innovative laminate solutions suitable for the varying needs of their customers. In response to the need of designers to create wonderful living spaces that are contemporary, AICA introduced vision 3D multi-dimensional laminates in two exclusive finishes – Rave and Ripple. The highlight of these laminates is that they provide a multidimensional look to interiors. The finely crafted master pieces are available in Red, Frosty White and Black colors.

Connect with Vendors
AICA has a great business model for channels and all connected units in the channel can succeed by working together. AICA offers excellent customer support and does rigorous follow-up with dealers and distributors to support them in their customer service requirements. Moreover, AICA also has its own substantial share in the project segment wherein Sunmica its flagship brand is specified by most of the architects and interior designer.     AICA products are manufactured using the most stringent international standards in an effort to provide environment- and design-oriented operations. With the great combination of Japanese technology, world renowned quality processes and excellent channel network, AICA today has its own niche in the laminate industry. 

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