Why choose a surface for your homes that is truly Zero worry?

Why choose a surface for your homes that is truly Zero worry?

In this world of Industrialization which is fast paced, forever growing and is shaping the personalities of generations to come. , durability and low maintenance are two key words that drive decisions. Even building construction has been impacted and over a period of time and decorative laminates have become an essential part of interior surfacing solution. Here’s how our solutions are competing with the fast paced demands of the industry.

1. Neck to neck with technology trends
AICA Laminates India Pvt. Limited is the only Japanese company in India, manufacturing high pressure decorative and industrial laminates. The combination of Japanese technology and world – renowned quality process brings a perfect fusion in the field of laminates. We are always innovating which ensures that our products offer creative solutions at all times.

2. Going Green
Before everything else, we have established very high standards keeping in mind our precious environment. All our products offer a quality that is environment- friendly having great aesthetic value harmonizing both Japanese and Indian cultures. This truly differentiates us from our competitors. Our products are manufactured to the most stringent international standards in tune to its eco – friendly policy of green products.

3. Exceptional Customer Services
We understand the daily dynamics of the changing world. The trends and the impact of digitization on our customers. We stay up to date on the new and changing preferences of people and design our products in a mixed composition of contemporary and futuristic, old and new. Our customers are prime and AICA believes that they should receive a great experience from our company after using Sunmica Brand, the truly Zero Worry Laminates.

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