SUNMICA Decorative Laminates From Aica – The Right Choice for Contemporary Homes

SUNMICA Decorative Laminates From Aica – The Right Choice for Contemporary Homes

Homes are built not from bricks and mortars, but they are made of hopes and dreams. In contemporary houses, all design elements including colors and finishes are in harmony with each other and resonate the dreams and aspirations of their owners. The attitudes and lifestyles of the owners are shaping contemporary residential spaces and the interiors including furnishings in them.

Sunmica Decorative Laminates from AICA provide high quality surface solutions with their magical look and feel that transforms these dreams into reality.

SUNMICA decorative laminates have many applications in contemporary homes like: doors, wardrobes, kitchens and furniture and are apt for the varied preferences of people. The modern, contemporary, path-breaking designs of these laminates provide great aesthetic value and utility. Here are a few key uses:

1. Fascinating Front Doors
The main entrance door is the focal point of a home, as it is the first and last thing one gets to see while entering or exiting. AICA’s Ultra shield+ exterior HPL is a specially formulated laminate for exterior facades. The weather- and fire- resistant properties of these laminates are just the right solution for exteriors .You can choose from a number of designs like Almeria Ash Smoked, Steiffer Oak, Goncalo Alvez, Mahogany and Imperial Walnut exteriors.

2. Classy Living Rooms
Aica’s Sunmica laminates with their beautiful range of colors and textures make an ideal choice for doors, paneling and furniture. The decorative laminates, which are available in exotic colors and designs, are also suitable for a variety of applications like column claddings, wardrobes, shelves, etc. Especially the latest Kaiya range from AICA which is a subtle fusion of exotic color patterns and exclusive textures.

3. Chic Kitchens
Kitchens are the nucleus and heart of all homes. Though, earlier, considered to be an intimate space owned by the lady of the house, people are no longer shying away from hiding them from public view these days. Sunmica range of decorative laminates specially the Ultra Gloss Max, Shimmer and other finishes provide excellent surfaces solutions for kitchens.  The Japanese technology enables them to become highly durable and apt for interior needs of a modern kitchen.

While contemporary homes reflect elegance and luxury, the desired functionality and aesthetics can be delivered by using Sunmica decorative laminates from Aica that add the required ‘zing’ and ‘wow factor’ to indoor furnishings and interior surfaces. 

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